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Individual 3D applications for top sports
EVA - Enhanced Virtual Football Assistant

With our 3D applications, such as EVA, we offer individual training possibilities for top-level sports - in the area of game analysis, tactics and cognitive training. For the first time, EVA offers a visual and physically experienceable 3D football simulation using position data. Interactive and freely accessible.
Install and build the technology, based on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, in 5 minutes. Intuitive and easy to use. No expert knowledge necessary. Adaptation to individual requirements.

Video: Viewing angle freely selectable (interactive)

EVA is suitable for

Differing interpretations and assessments of play situations by the different abstraction ability of the participants in tactical discussions are no longer necessary.How did the goalkeeper see the situation, how did the defensive player perceive the scene? The players and coaches can view the scenes from any desired position - e.g. flying above the field or from a player's perspective. You can intervent at any time in the situation and change the view.

Video: Player perspective (interactive)

'If-then-scenarios' can be interacted and checked immediately. "What would have happened if the ball had been played to the left and not to the right?"

Cognitive Training
Another key component is cognitive training. Various simulations promote the targeted improvement of visual attention, peripheral perception, depth perception as well as visual sharpness and precision, to name but a few examples.
We research and develop in the area of ??cognitive training together with renowned colleges and universities.