Virtual Reality Apps in medicine

mQm - Virtual Reality in operations planning
mindQ's Virtual Reality Solution mQm allows surgeons the natural interaction and a freely selectable viewing angle on the CT / MRT data generated model.
Using room tracking, the surgeon is able to move freely in the simulation or even into the model.
With the motion controllers, the surgeon can freely scale, rotate, highlight, measure and mark points of interest or problem areas.
In this way, surgeons will be able to test different surgical approaches in the run-up to the operation and will find the best, most minimally invasive and, at the same time, resource-conserving solution.
This improved presentation of complex pathologies in the run-up to difficult interventions can assist surgeons in the optimal preparation of surgical procedures and thus help achieve a very good surgical result.

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Video: mQm - Virtual reality in operation planning based on MRT / CT data


The abstract process of operation planning is clearly defined and materialized by mQm.
Through the virtual reality technology used by mQm, the quality of the training of physicians can be significantly improved.